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Updating Webpack to use WordPress editor blocks (Gutenberg blocks) on the front end (part 4 of 4)

Getting blocks running on the front end is, or should be, mainly a matter of updating Webpack to create the script to run on the front end, then enqueuing it so it does. However, I’ve always found it requires some fixing of things that don’t work quite right together, that I’ve misnamed or otherwise mismatched …

The Click Game

The click game. I’m including this now because I would like to test it before the last post on how to make it. 😬😊

Setting up wp-browser with WPWebDriver for full site acceptance testing (notes for my future self)

These are my notes on getting WPWebDriver in wp-browser set up to work for me. They supplement rather than replace the wp-browser documentation. If you are having issues and haven’t started there and followed the directions, I highly recommend doing that first. Inifinum also has a super helpful section on setting up wp-browser.

Using a scaffold to build Gutenberg blocks for the WordPress editor (part 1 of 4)

Block scaffolds are being created, updated or going out of date at a regular rate these days as developers figure out what works best for them. So instead of making a recommendation on which one you should use, I’m going to tell you what I looked for – what was important to *me at the …

WooCommerce Subscriptions: not able to purchase subscription after failed payment [edited on 2021-01-27]

This is a workaround and fix for the following situation which occurs in recent versions (<3.0.12) of WooCommerce Subscriptions. When purchasing a subscription which is limited to “any” (ie a user can only have one subscription of any status), the user cannot pay for a failed order as the subscription product gets removed from their …

Adding Gutenberg / WordPress editor blocks to the front end

People love to play with a little web app on a site. Quizzes, small games, anything to take a break for a minute or two. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to add and edit these in the WordPress editor then reuse the React components on the front end? Yes! The answer is yes. …

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